Why Electronic Medical Record ?

Bulk of the healthcare in India relies on the fact that the patient  needs to store his own medical record.  The physical file based records over a period of time get lost or are severely damaged. This leads to poor medical service as the doctor have no past medical history. Electronic medical records (EMR)  replace physical file based records. 

With LiveHospital EMR solution, you can create and maintain patient consultation records electronically. It helps you in organization and instant access to clinical data.  

Key Benefits of LiveHospital EMR
  • Patient's complete medical profile and consultation history is available to you, helping you in making a better diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Upload and quickly retrieve medical investigation reports of the patient
  • Facility to create and re-use your own treatment templates, leading to one click consultations
  • Ability to add custom fields to EMR
  • Patients get neatly printed and accurate prescriptions
  • Aggregate medical data helps in medical analysis and research
  • SMS reminders to patients for medicines and followup consultation
  • Works on iPad and Android tablets, so access patient's data while on the go

How EMR works in LiveHospital

The following videos show a EMR  is created in LiveHospital.  LiveHospital EMR is designed to enter and view information with minimum keystrokes. The user interface is designed to give a summary view of patient's medical profile in a compact view.

Creating a new patient

A new patient arrives in the clinic for the first time. His basic information,contact details and medical information are recorded. The video shows the screencast of the patient creation process. The user interface is designed for easy recording of patient details.

                           Please watch in HD and full screen for more clearer screencast

Patient first visit

In the patient first doctor records the complaint of the patient and prescribes tests to be done. 

  Please watch in HD and full screen for more clearer screencast  

Patient second visit

In patient second visit the test results are uploaded in the system and doctor prescribes the medicine.

                                                                                                                                     Please watch in HD and full screen for more clearer screencast