Why doctors need to have digital identity and branding solution

We live in a digital age.  Customers keep checking for the reputation of various services online. If a service does not have a website then customers will perceived  as a inefficient service.
Does healthcare service also falls in this bracket.  It is simple to do a thought experiment and come with conclusions.

If a patient reads a blog of a doctor/dentist and the blog really addresses the concerns of the  the patient then will the patient prefer him to other doctor ?  For sure the digital identity will build a trust which will help a doctor. For sure core skills of a doctor remain  the most important criteria but increasingly the reputation of a doctor,dentist online will play a important role.

Does digital identity and branding matter in India

There is other argument which says that they recognize that digital identity and branding are important but not for India.  For those healthcare providers, who still doubt the value of digital identity can ask a simple question to their patients, on how much time their patients spend researching  their condition  on internet.

Why doctors need to have a website ?
  • Doctors can publish various services offered by them at their clinics/hospitals
  • Doctors can do patient education using website in  a cost effective manner. Quality information like disease videos, FAQ can be created and shared multiple times. This will save doctor's routine time and satisfy patient queries
  • New patients can find the doctor easily using search engines
  • Doctors can share patient success stories and testimonials  leading to a better brand value
  • Doctors can use the website for e-consulting and providing second opinions
  • Doctors can regularly publish medical news
  • Contact details, timing can be published on the website
  • Online Appointments can be provided through the website

What features does LiveHospital offer in a website
  • Using LiveHospital Doctors can manage the website themselves without the need of a special technologist
  • Doctors can publish regular news and other digital content
  • They can link the website to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+
  • Using livehospital patients can aks queries to doctors
  • LiveHospital appointments are integrated with the website.