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What is better for dentist - online marketing or offline marketing in India ?

posted May 6, 2012, 4:50 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:27 PM ]
It is encouraging to see young dentist being positive about marketing.  This is a welcome change.

The next question is what is more effective. Is it better to have online marketing or use offline marketing. Offline marketing typically has been 

a) Word of mouth
b) Dental camps
c) Free checkups
d) Local media advertising
e) Local cable advertising

Word of mouth would remain the most effective means as it speaks for dentist work.  Then should dentist really care about  online marketing ? 
 My take is that online marketing should be part of overall dentist marketing plan. There are various reasons

a) If  a dentist is in a location, which has huge mobile population then word of mouth is not effective. Websites and blogs will allow to know about a dentist. If a blog addresses the concerns of patients then online trust is formed.  Today people trust blogs more than newspapers. The same will hold for a good dentist.  if a dentist can discipline himself to write blog ,which makes sense to patients then he will reap rich dividends.

b) Website and blogs are one time effort. For sure you have to keep writing new contents but your old contents are not lost. 

c) The future is indeed digital in India. With new smartphones and reach of internet widening every day it can be safely assumed that digital identity for a dentist will be the most important asset for a dentist in coming days.

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