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How to meet Doctors to sell your IT solution

posted May 3, 2012, 11:25 PM by Vishal Singh
There was a discussion on forums on  how to market your solutions to doctors. There is always a challenge in meeting doctors.
This is what I responded

We ( ) are in the same space Anish. These are my learning. May be they can help you. 
It will be difficult to attract Doctors only through web marketing. For the first 15-20 customers you would have to meet them. You would need to filter the doctors based on their specialty and  qualification . As you would have realized ,that not every doctor wants a healthcare  solution. Pick up a doctor who is young and internet savy. Pick up a area which is relatively prosperous. A smartphone using doctor has more chance of liking a healthcare solution. There will be other filtering tricks which you will understand as you meet more doctors. What we have done is that we try to meet doctors at the end of their day. In the first meeting we keep it short and only explain them the features of the product. We then ask for a separate time for a detailed demo in case there is interest. 

My suggestion is that meet as many doctors as you can for a month or two. You will have insight to create your own sales model. Once you have spoken to few doctors then you can try web and other mediums. This can also go in parallel, but speaking to doctor face to face is must. This will give you one the best insights for the real requirements.
Once you have got few doctors then you can use their reference to get connected to other doctors. Hope this helps.