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Does Information Technology help Doctors in India to improve revenues ?

posted May 3, 2012, 9:50 PM by Vishal Singh   [ updated May 3, 2012, 10:49 PM by Vishal Singh ]
The question is does  Information Technology help Doctors in India to improve revenues. I had discussions with many doctors on this question.  The views are mixed.

I have suggested to many Doctors that having your website will lead to better brand building.  And if you can blog and really write about what patients want to know, then you are building a huge trust network.  The truth is that people do not trust doctors for many reasons in India. There is a huge trust deficit.  Doctors can build this trust using websites and blog.

The next point  is that in smaller towns in India doctors think that their patients are not net savy. They think very few patients use Internet. 
This again is a very wrong assumption. If people are using internet for e-commerce, social networking then they surely are using and will use more of internet for healthcare.
What stops an individual to click and ad of a local dentist appearing on Facebook or Google.

If a doctor builds his brand and earns the trust of people then his revenues are surely going to improve. To summarize  Information technology will help doctors in improving their revenues.