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Dental Clinic Assistants - Yes They Can

posted Aug 12, 2012, 8:26 PM by Rasmi Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:25 PM by Vishal Singh ]
In my meetings with dentists, dentists have many concerns regarding the succes of a dental software in their clinics. One of the topmost concerns that dentists in India have is that their assistants will not be able to use the software. The dentists dont want to be doing appointment booking and dental records entry themselves all the time.  I agree that dentists cannot be spending all his time in using the software.
But I do not agree that the dentists' assistants today cannot handle a dental software. There are mainly 2 reasons for this - a) the assistants are generally the young lot and they already have an exposure to computers, internet, facebook, email etc. b) The dental softwares of this generation are extremely simple and user friendly.

We have proven examples of cases where the assistants have picked up using our LiveHospital Dental software very easily and even quicker than the dentists themselves. This is not the case just with appointment booking (which is extremely simple in LiveHospital), but even Dental Records managment, Billing and other features. LiveHospital has clients where the clinic's assistants are fully running the show with the dental software and the dentists are not much aware about it. 
An interesting case has been for a remote client who signed up for our software on the internet. All remote interaction with that clinic happened with the assistant only. She started using the system just by seeing our online tutorials. Today, she is one of our top users of the system.

Dont assume your clinic's assistant will not be able to use a dental software. Give it a try. Use the software for a trial period. 
Let your assistants know you expectations. Having a computer with an internet connection will be an added incentive to the assistants.

I am sure you can transform your dental practice and that too with full involvement of your assistants.

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