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A little information goes a long way

posted May 15, 2012, 7:55 AM by Rashmi Gupta Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:27 PM by Vishal Singh ]

The 2 main criteria for keeping any information are - 1) the information should not be lost and 2) information should be easily available when required to act upon it.

When a patient appointment is booked, is it not the responsibility of the doctor to keep the appointment information safe and easily accessible?

The doctors, very conveniently, note the appointment in their notebooks. 
But what about the most important participant, the patient. He has no record of the appointment. 
A lot of times, the appointment time is communicated by the doctor to his assistant, and then by the assistant to the patient. 
Then the appointment time gets registered only in the patient's memory.   Each point of communication is prone to human error. 
With so many chances of the appointment information getting lost with the patient, the ultimate loss is to the doctor. 
The doctor has blocked his time and excluded other patients from that time. If the patient doesn't turn up, 
the doctor's time is lost, and for a doctor, 'time is money'.  

Will it not be better if the doctor communicates this information to the patient more effectively?

The SMS is one such tool that is available with almost all patients today.  Phone calls are expensive & intrusive and email is not so prevalent. 
SMS fits the bill for such communication perfectly. It is cheap, non-intrusive and has permanency. 
Will it not be profitable to the doctor to send SMS notification to the patient about his appointment.

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