A little information goes along way...Power of SMS

posted Sep 9, 2012, 12:04 AM by Rasmi Singh   [ updated Sep 9, 2012, 12:06 AM ]

A little information goes a long way...Power Of SMS

I write this post today, not as a LiveHospital personnel, but as a mother, as a consumer. 

I have a son under 5 years, to whom we need to give pulse polio drops whenever the program comes to our city. We should be grateful to the local NGOs, municipal government and other local bodies who are involved in delivering this program right in our neighbourhood. 
But as happens on a Sunday, if we dont step out of the house, we sometimes dont come to know at all if there is a pulse polio day in our neighbourhood. A lot of times we are confused if there is pulse polio on that day, because we-heard-it-from-somewhere but are not sure. If, as a mother, I could get an SMS from some local body about the pulse polio day, I would be sure and I will also not forget to take my son there. The local bodies can register me for this service alongwith my son's date of birth. So the messages can automatically stop when my son reaches 5 years of age.
This simple SMS will help me as a parent as I receive that information right in my mobile phone. And thus it will the pulse polio program in increasing compliance.

How to have your dental clinic's name appear in Google first page

posted Sep 7, 2012, 5:08 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 8, 2012, 3:48 AM by Rasmi Singh ]

Get your dental clinic be found on Google

It is important for dental clinics in India to have their name appear in Google's search in the first page. Why is this important ?

People are searching for good dentist in their locations. A user may type 'Bangalore Dentist'   or  'Lucknow Dentist'.  If the dental clinic does not appear in the first page of Google then the clinic looses the customer.  There is a whole field called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is making your website appear on the first page of Google.

There is a simpler option to start with. Register your name in Google Places and chances are that your clinic name may appear in the first page of Google.

There are many  directory services in India which will help customers to discover a dental clinic online, but Google search remains the number one. People use Google more than any services.
Hence it becomes important to work on improving your ranking in Google.

We have created simple steps on how you can register yourself at Google places. This will not take more than 10mins to register yourself.
You can follow this link    How to add your business in Google Places

How can you become one of the top dentists of your area

posted Sep 2, 2012, 1:26 AM by Rasmi Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:13 PM by Vishal Singh ]

How can you become one of the top dentists of your area

As a dentist you work hard. You keep running your practice. On many of the weekends you go and attend training to keep yourself  updated with latest developments. What else could you do to improve your practice and attract more patients.

Leverage the power of Internet

Your neighborhood is in internet. Your patients are all on FB and Google. Following are the simple ways  to connect with your patients and attract new patient to your practice.

Build a FaceBook Page

This is simple and most dentist have FB pages. Is that enough ? No having a FB page is the first step. 
You need to add content so as to attract people. If there is a good content, audiences will come like bees to a honey.The content could be as simple as “How to take care of your children’s teeth” or “Will root canal treatment be painful?”

Write success stories about the dental treatment imparted to your patients.

Write a Blog

There are many free blogging sites like blogger. Put quality information as discussed  above on your blog.

Have your own website

Our recommendation is that start with a free website. You can get a free website from Google. Again the key point to remember is that you need to build content on your website to attract people.

Run FaceBook Ads or Google Ads

Both of them are very simple to use. The power of FB ads is that you could target to show your clinic ad to a very targeted audience. For example you can show your  dental practice FB ad to people who are in Thane and are between age 30 and 40

These are all simple steps. All it requires is some discipline but the dividends are huge in long run.

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Why doctors make so many mistakes and How information technology can solve it ?

posted Aug 17, 2012, 8:08 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Aug 17, 2012, 8:09 AM ]

This  blog post by Sanjeev does a brilliant analysis on  why doctors make so many mistakes.

Let me quote what he has said.

The main reason why this continues to happen is because doctors (and economists) don't usually get feedback. The patient who is diagnosed wrongly simply never comes back, and goes to another doctor. So the doctor thinks he has cured the patient, but the patient was not cured, and will never return. And when a patient DOES provide feedback (as I've provided to one of my eye doctors), the doctor is so stunned that he doesn't learn.

This is true. There is no effective feedback in the current scenario. Information technology can provide a solution. What is required is an EMR system to have mechanism to capture voice of the customer. But there is still a challenge. If you do not like the  doctor's treatments and  you have stopped visiting him then there is no way you will give him  feedback online.  This may work for hospital chains where the hospital management will value honest feedback, as it can rate the work of its staff.  But for the many of hospitals and doctors found in Indian  neighbourhood  this will not work, unless the doctor or hospital really want to hear honest feedback.People may complain on various portals  but complaining is different than giving honest  feedback.

This can be only solved by incentivising honest feedback. There could be various ways.  It could be by offering a free check-up

The key is that a feedback mechanism will help a doctor and hospital tremendously. A EMR along with tweaking of the current processes in a health care institute can go a long way in receiving honest feedback. If people see a health care institute valuing  honest feedback then they will still have a positive opinion, even if the treatment has not worked for them.

What if every interaction with a hospital or doctor in India becomes educational ?

posted Aug 16, 2012, 10:57 PM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Aug 16, 2012, 11:01 PM ]

What if every interaction with a hospital or doctor in India becomes educational ? What if the hospital or doctor starts empowering you to know more about your condition ? Is it possible ? Is it possible in India. Sure it is.

Too many dentist in India but there are not enough teeth to extract

posted Aug 13, 2012, 1:08 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:25 PM ]

There are too many dentist in India says the report but there are not enough teeth to extract.  This means there will be severe competition among dentist to attract patients. Let me also add one more dimension- your customer is also getting more educated via internet.  He is going to get more demanding.

Competition is good. It brings the best out of  every one. Dentist in India have to adopt  information technology. They would have to start doing brand building and marketing. I know these are still wrongly considered as unethical, but the reality is there are no options. It  will be good to use the power of web and information technology to your advantage.

We at can help you in adopting IT in a phased manner. 
Please reach us at or 

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Dental Clinic Assistants - Yes They Can

posted Aug 12, 2012, 8:26 PM by Rasmi Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:25 PM by Vishal Singh ]

In my meetings with dentists, dentists have many concerns regarding the succes of a dental software in their clinics. One of the topmost concerns that dentists in India have is that their assistants will not be able to use the software. The dentists dont want to be doing appointment booking and dental records entry themselves all the time.  I agree that dentists cannot be spending all his time in using the software.
But I do not agree that the dentists' assistants today cannot handle a dental software. There are mainly 2 reasons for this - a) the assistants are generally the young lot and they already have an exposure to computers, internet, facebook, email etc. b) The dental softwares of this generation are extremely simple and user friendly.

We have proven examples of cases where the assistants have picked up using our LiveHospital Dental software very easily and even quicker than the dentists themselves. This is not the case just with appointment booking (which is extremely simple in LiveHospital), but even Dental Records managment, Billing and other features. LiveHospital has clients where the clinic's assistants are fully running the show with the dental software and the dentists are not much aware about it. 
An interesting case has been for a remote client who signed up for our software on the internet. All remote interaction with that clinic happened with the assistant only. She started using the system just by seeing our online tutorials. Today, she is one of our top users of the system.

Dont assume your clinic's assistant will not be able to use a dental software. Give it a try. Use the software for a trial period. 
Let your assistants know you expectations. Having a computer with an internet connection will be an added incentive to the assistants.

I am sure you can transform your dental practice and that too with full involvement of your assistants.

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Continuous Learning By Dentist

posted Aug 3, 2012, 12:42 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:29 PM ]

As a non dentist I am surprised on how much efforts a dentist takes in keeping himself updated. This is commendable.  I have seen dentist in India working whole week and then attending conferences over the weekend. I have asked  the question to many dentist on what drives them to learn so much. There were many answers ranging from competition, to lot of  advancements being made in dentistry and hence the need to keep oneself updated.  There was one fascinating answer.  A dentist said that there is immense job satisfaction in doing good work in dentistry.
Dentistry is like art and dentists always want to keep improving their skills like an artist. This is great.

There is still one disconnect which I think is with dentists in India. They do not use available technologies like blogging, FB pages to educate their patients about new developments. I have always maintained that there is a demand for good quality information. If a dentist provided quality information for his patients via websites, blog and FB pages then it will tremendously help him to build his brand and help his practice. These tools are very easy to use and they will not take much of time.

So if you are a dentists then you should try using internet to educate and reach out to your patients. This is very simple. All you need to do is to start.

We at can help you on your information technology journey. 
Please reach us at or

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Time Is Money For Dentist

posted Jun 29, 2012, 8:43 PM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:31 PM ]

How many times you as a dentist have given appointments and seen that people do not turn up ? Or how many times people have turned up late ?
You know all this impacts your bottom line. Time in money for dentist.  If the appointments go haywire it affects the business directly.

There is a simple solution to sort this problem out. Use  SMS Reminders.  This would mean that your patients are reminded of the exact time and day. Your staff does not  need to do additional work of reminding patients. You could think of rewarding punctual patients with discounts. All this would also make you also punctual. If you expect your patients to respect appointments then you would also need to be punctual. All this is good for your dental business.

We at  LiveHospital have Dental Appointment Solutions for Indian dentist to optimize their time. Please reach us at or  for helping you to start the journey to manage clinic efficiently.

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What is better offline dental software or online dental software ?

posted Jun 29, 2012, 1:41 AM by Vishal Singh   [ updated Sep 4, 2012, 9:26 PM by Vishal Singh ]

A dental software can be online or offline. Which is better ? What should Indian dentist prefer ?

Our take is that online software is the future. It allows the data to sit in the cloud from where it can be accessed from multiple devices. This is important, as a desktop software can crash and cause all the data to be lost.  Upgrade to a online software happens automatically, where as in desktop software it needs to be applied manually, which can be a time consuming process. In a online software you are always on the latest version and have access to all latest features of software.

The world is moving online. You access email, bank details, social network online. There is no reason why dental software should not be online.
There is a question of security which we will take in the coming blog posts.

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