Software For Dentists

LiveHospital is a Dental Software to help you automate your clinic. 
It has many features to help you serve your customer better, 
easy access to patients' records and also increase branding of your clinic. 

Being an online software, LiveHospital has zero upfront cost. Just pay a monthly subscription as you use. Plans start from Rs 400 per month

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Appointment Solutions
  • Create appointments in less than 30 seconds
  • Automated SMS/Email appointment reminders to patient
  • Send SMS in regional languages
  • Doctor receives consolidated appointment list for the day every morning via SMS
  • Support for multi branch

How it will help you...

  • Reduces no shows in clinics
  • Reduce patients waiting time leading to happier, satisfied customers
  • Allows the doctor to plan his/her day
  • Build your clinic's brand


Patient Dental Records

  • Create dental treatment plans
  • Store treatment done record, cost and payment
  • Store patient files like x-rays, photographs etc
  • Store patient vital information like allergies, chronic conditions

How it will help you...

  • Patient records are easily accessible with a few clicks
  • No need to store patient records in physical files
  • Give neat printouts of treatment plans, prescriptions to patients
  • Patient's vital info available to you while doing treatment thus reducing chances of human error
  • Track patients' outstanding amount

Start using LiveHospital  services for your clinic in less than a minute


LiveHospital Billing

  • Create final bills or payment reciepts  for patients in less than 30 seconds

How it will help you...

  • Reduces bill preparation time
  • Accurate billing
  • Track patients' outstanding amounts
  • Send SMS payment reminders to patients with outstanding amounts


Patient Communication Center

  • After a patient has undergone a procedure/surgery, send after care dos and donts to patients via SMS and Email
  • Send follow-up reminders to patients after any major procedure/surgery
  • Patients who need regular check up/ regular 6-monthly visits - remind them of these followups through SMS
  • Educate your patients about treatment options/new technologies and new materials

How it will help you...

  • Show your patients you care
  • Remind your patients of proper after-care at the right time leading to better treatment outcomes
  • Patients don't forget their followup visits
  • Promote your clinic's brand


Reporting and Analytics

  • Rich graphical charts for daily, monthly and collection expenses

How it will help you...

  • Be on top of your expenses and collection
  • Know your profitability


Pricing Plans


Plan 400

Rs 400 per month

Single Dentist

Upto 200 appointments


Plan 600

Rs 600 per month

2 Dentists

Upto 400 appointments


Plan 900

Rs 900 per month

3 to 5 Dentists

Upto 1000 appointments

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Start using LiveHospital  services for your clinic in less than a minute